The Elephant in the Room

Of the $200B raised across more than 10,000 deals to fund startups, less than 1% of those deals were made with entrepreneurs of color.

We are in the business of diversity and breaking through brick walls.

We invest in ideas. and the people behind them.

What we bring to the table

We ennoble the greatest change agents - entrepreneurs within untapped and underrepresented communities. We also partner with corporations as key partners in stealth innovation and internal business acceleration. Contact us to have a HelloElephant Angel reach out to discuss.


Private Acceleration

We illuminate the path forward enabling confidence in the road ahead by eliminating uncertainty and delivering key insights on a platter.

Business Strategy

Business success starts with developing an innovative business model that is nearly impossible to duplicate, providing entrepreneurs with an "Unfair Advantage" in the marketplace.

Product Design

With so many new products in the market, HelloElephant aims to continuosly innovate and create products that cut through the noise and relieve real customer pains.


We highlight the key point of difference and strategically create messaging and visual language to communicate every step of the way.

UX Design

Designing products that customers love and that bring surprise and delight is our number one objective.


At the core of any product experience is a solid foundation. Our engineers turn complex systems into works of art.

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